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Allergens, Intolerances & Dietary Requirements

Please let us know about any allergy or dietary requests when booking.  Please be aware that our food is prepared in a kitchen where all 14 regulated allergens and other known allergens (eg peas & legumes) are present.  Although we take appropriate steps to manage cross contamination there is therefore a risk that traces of other allergens including peanuts and tree nuts may be present in any dish or food that we serve.  Consequently, we cannot guarantee that products are free from ingredients that may affect those with food allergies.  We understand the dangers to those affected by allergies, so please speak to us to discuss how we may be able to help.  We do not supply pre-packed foods as all food is prepared to order but the following pdf, published by the Food Standard Agency, gives further detail on the 14 regulated allergens. 


We always try to adapt your menu choice to accommodate dietary preferences, but please note that we are unable to do so where these have not been notified to us in advance at time of booking / confirmation of booking.

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